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MiningStore’s Weekly Rundown 28/06/2019

Institutional money flowing into BTC Bitcoin has had a massive week, smashing upwards of $11… $12… $13 and even touching $14K USD before a significant correction back to $10.5K USD overnight. It’s safe to say we are right in the midst of the next bull run. Some key drivers pushing this growth can be seen across the institutional markets with a general run up in gold as well as safe...
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Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets vs. The Current Centralised System

This paper was written to provide an entry level understanding of blockchain projects and cryptocurrency. Beginners to cryptocurrency may find it difficult to understand where a digital asset derives its value from. However, by understanding the key properties of digital assets including decentralisation and encryption, and making clear comparisons to the current centralised monetary system, it becomes obvious why digital assets hold such value in our economic system. It is...
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The crypto journey and what to prepare for next!

The journey crypto currency has taken us on is like the first journey you took with your friends or family to a destination that was unknown or unfamiliar. The beginning of this journey was spontaneous. You planned very little but let the excitement of the new adventure take you with it. Your intentions seemed clear at the start of this journey… you were getting involved with something that was fun,...
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MiningStore: A year of achievements in a bear market

It has almost been a year since MiningStore Australia became a registered business, and now is the time to reflect on the outstanding achievements our community has accomplished. Despite the relentless claws of the bear digging deeper into the crypto market, MiningStore and our beloved community has achieved some outstanding results that each member should be proud of. The community What started as a group of 20 Australian crypto fanatics...
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The Current Economic Model Versus The Future

Have you ever asked yourself why people in today’s day and age are so desperate to, “invest” their savings? The simple answer is inflation. Capitalism has installed in us that “inflation is healthy” as it, “helps the economy grow”. However, what people do not realise about inflation is it really just makes the rich get richer, and gives those with power, more power. Here is why the current level of...
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