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FPGA Miner


MiningStore's hidden gem!

Congratulations, you’ve just landed on MiningStore’s biggest ASSET…. FPGA mining!

The future of mining is in FPGA hardware and this year alone MiningStore has helped over 300 clients setup an FPGA Mining Rig.

What do you need to know about FPGA mining?

FPGA mining is not like CPU, GPU or ASIC mining. If you want to mine a coin with FPGA hardware, then you need to have someone design an algorithm specifically for the FPGA hardware you are using. These algorithms are called bitstreams.

Bitstreams are the most important aspect of FPGA mining, if you don’t have access to bitstreams, then your hardware is useless.

That’s where MiningStore comes into play.

Why should you purchase an FPGA mining rig from MiningStore?

MiningStore strives itself on after sales support and education, that is why we have such a strong and like minded community of over 500 members in our Discord.

Access to our Discord community comes under our platinum support subscription, which is available to anyone, not just miners!

Our support subscription includes assisting you getting set up and monitoring your miner, changing coins, decide on which coins to mine and of course provides you exclusive access to our bitstreams. Essentially this will ensure that not only do you have the most powerful mining equipment on the market; you will also have access to the most profitable bitstreams!

So what are you waiting for?

If you thought that GPU or ASIC mining was profitable, then wait until you experience the power of FPGA mining. We are currently seeing results far higher than what we saw in the last Bull Run in late 2017.

More good news!

For the month of August, we are running our biggest promotion EVER!

The first 20 purchasers of our FPGA mining hardware will go in the running for a 1/20 chance of winning an FPGA unit for FREE (valued at $5500!)