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Rig Service

Mining Rig Services

For clients who want to build and optimise their own Rig, MiningStore will design it and send all the parts to you. If this level of service is right for you, feel free to fill out the quote form and select either our basic or more than basic service.

Alternatively, if you are looking for our Fully Comprehensive Plug and Play build, head to our store!


If you use our Basis Build service, MiningStore will design your Rig to meet your investment needs. We will then order the parts for you and send them to your address.

Our Basic Build service is not recommended for clients who have not built a Rig before as you will have to build and optimise it yourself.

More than Basic

Our more than basic service involves customising the Rig to your needs as well as building the Rig for you.
This level of service will have your Mining Rig assembled and delivered to your door.

We recommend this service for users that already know how to optimise, tune and configure the settings and software on their Rig.


Fully Comprehensive Plug and Play

Our fully comprehensive plug and play service will include everything from designing, assembling and configuring the settings on your Rig. This ensures your Rig is delivered ready to plug in and start mining into your wallet!

We strongly encourage our users to partake in our comprehensive service, as we guarantee that your Rig is ready to mine directly into your wallet upon delivery.