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BTC Market Update & Recent News!

BTC Market Update & Recent News!   What happened in January? In light of our recent Bitcoin market updates to our members, we thought it would be appropriate to provide a general overview of the market for the last month or so and any associated news! January was a rollercoaster ride for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors alike. We initially saw in the first 10 days, Bitcoin crash from 47k on the 4th of January down to a low...
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BTC Congress Gets a Crash Course on Cryptocurrency

BTC Congress gets a crash course on cryptocurrency. BTC Congress witnessed testimony from 6 major crypto CEOs over the past 24 hours, discussing the superior security and transparency of cryptocurrencies compared to the traditional financial system. The hearing, initiated by Representative Maxine Waters, the California Democrat leading the committee, aimed to deepen understanding of rapidly evolving digital assets and inform regulatory approaches. Blockchain technology, as highlighted during the testimonies, ensures transparency and security equally. Every validated block is...
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BTC Whales stepping into the market

BTC Whales and Market Movements BTC Whales should note that there has been no real significant change in the technical structure of BTC since our last report. BTC continues to trade within the rising channel structure, offering bulls hope for a potential continuation to the upside. However, it’s crucial to stay informed about several fundamental risks that could impact market dynamics. Bitcoin Fundamental & Technical Report From a global economic perspective, risk assets have had a tough week...
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BTC Halving – 908 Day Count Down

BTC Halving – 908 Day Count Down Surprisingly, China has banned crypto transactions for the ….. 100th time, paving way for the digital yuan (personally I can’t see this catching on). Bitcoin Fundamental & Technical Report – 30th September 2021 It appears as though the Chinese government is attempting to prevent citizens from accessing methods to move money freely overseas during a time of great uncertainty in their economy. Not only is the property market coming under pressure, but...
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BTC – Fundamental & Technical Report – 19th August 2021

BTC network reset resulted in 7% in mining difficulty Last week the BTC network reset resulted in a 7% jump in mining difficulty as the overall network hash rate continued to climb. The recovery can be attributed to Chinese miners finding sites to deploy their rigs and other investors expanding their own mining operations to take advantage of the current mining climate. BTC enjoyed another positive week reaching highs of $48k USD. Despite the rise in mining difficulty,...
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Bitcoin Rally and More Weekly Crypto Rundown – 11th November

This week we cover: Why Bitcoin’s rally will slow down Altseason Trump vs Biden? Bitcoin effects How to make money with Bitcoin? Fear, Greed & Mentality Why a Bitcoin rally will slow down Ethereum & Altseason  This week has seen many communities/traders expressing their thoughts on the future of altcoins on the back of the recent Bitcoin rally up. BTC absorbing the volume from the entire cryptocurrency market and Altcoins being liquidated to ride the BTC rally has...
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