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What is FPGA mining?

FPGA stands for Field Programmable Gate Array. Much like our ASIC mining system, an FPGA miner helps crypto investors mine for cryptocurrency. However, the key difference is that FPGA hardware requires an algorithm to be designed into the equipment in order for it to function. While this may seem cumbersome, it can actually lead to greater results due to the specificity required.

What should I mine for with a FPGA rig?

As mentioned, FPGA mining cards require an algorithm to be attached to the mining hardware in order for it to work. This is an incredible option if you have a specific cryptocurrency mining strategy in mind that you want to utilise in order to reap a sizable return on investment.

Is FPGA mining profitable?

Yes indeed! FPGA mining is a profitable means of crypto currency mining as it allows for greater customisation due to the required algorithms needing to be put into the hardware. If this sounds like an avenue you’d like to traverse, our specialists at Mining Store can show you our wide selection of FPGA miners on sale and partner you with the right one for your crypto currency goals.

Is FPGA faster than GPU?

FPGA miners are also a popular option because they’re known to work faster than their GPU miner counterpart. In fact the FPGA miner has been known to work 6-20x faster than other models while consuming the same amount of power! An excellent option if time is of the essence.

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