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Why build a Mining Rig and how to get started?

Why build a Mining Rig?

Everyone wants their own money tree!

Owning a Mining Rig is effectively the same as owning a money tree. The Rig requires minimum attention and does all the hard work for you. Simply plug the system in and it will start mining directly to your wallet. For clients that want to take the next step forward and enhance their capital gains, MiningStore offers trading lessons to increase profit potential. We also offer advice on what coins are most profitable to mine. Click the link below if you would like to enhance your trading knowledge.

Achieve a constant cashflow

After purchasing your mining Rig you will unlock a constant weekly cash flow. Having a constant cash flow increases our clients quality of life. Some like to use this money to pay for daily expenses rather than dig into their savings, others prefer to reinvest their earnings into more Rigs to build a larger cash flow!

If your not sure what type of Rig you would like to own, feel free to fill out a quote form. Alternatively head to our store!

Diversify your investment portfolio

Cryptocurrency can provide substantial returns to the investor.

Once you have mined your cryptocurrency, you can then formulate your own trading strategy to maximise returns. Our more conservative investors like to cash out their returns on a weekly basis to assure a constant revenue. Our more experienced investors will engage in trading and time the buying and or selling of cryptocurrencies based on market indicators.

How to get started?


Decide your investment threshold

Decide how much money your are looking to invest into your Mining Rig. Beginners will usually start with a $5000 -$10,000 Rig. For those who have been mining for some time, purchasing multiple Rigs will increase their weekly revenue. If you are unsure of where you would like to start, feel free to send us an e-mail.


Customise your Rig

Once your investment threshold has been established, click the link to our shop to begin customising your Rig or choose one of our  pre-built Rigs. Alternatively, you can fill out a quote form and we will contact you.


Get in touch with further enquiries

MiningStore believe in educating our clients. Although our Rigs are built ready to mine directly into your wallet, we understand our clients are curious. View our guides for a basic introduction to cryptocurrency, blockchain and mining.

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Subscribe to our members community where all members can share experiences and keep up to date with the latest news. Our members community are the first to hear about special offers and are regularly updated on the best coins to mine. If you are interested in trading,  join our members forum where you can engage with our most experienced traders.