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MiningStore: A year of achievements in a bear market

It has almost been a year since MiningStore Australia became a registered business, and now is the time to reflect on the outstanding achievements our community has accomplished. Despite the relentless claws of the bear digging deeper into the crypto market, MiningStore and our beloved community has achieved some outstanding results that each member should be proud of.

The community

What started as a group of 20 Australian crypto fanatics is now a much larger family of over 200 members across the globe. Each member has brought their own skill sets to the table, including blockchain developers, economists, large scale investors or financial guru’s. Whilst expanding our community, MiningStore has also secured exceptional partnerships with incorporated projects including Loki, Bulwark, Local Coin Swap and StakeSafe just to name a few.

Products and services

MiningStore started its venture into the cryptocurrency market by supplying Australian’s with quality Mining Rigs to enter the cryptocurrency mining game. We are proud to say that we have supplied over 50 Australian’s with their first mining rig and have shipped out rigs across the globe to countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Thailand and Singapore. We have also successfully set up a range of Mining farms consisting of between 10 & 40 rigs. During this period of rapid growth, we have always stayed true to our number one value of providing ongoing education and assistance to our community. We are proud to say we have helped over 200 members to improve their strategy and return on investment and will continue to do so indefinitely into the future.

Crypto mining rig operational during a bear market, highlighting the tenacity of miners.

MiningStore has also expanded its wings into the Proof of Stake side of Mining via our trustless and trusting Master Node Hosting service. We are currently hosting nearly 100 Master Nodes and are proud to be providing our community with stable yields in excess of 5% per month! We are also very proud of the compound interest strategy we have made available to our Master Node investors, we are the only provider offering such a service.


Alongside our quality products and services, MiningStore is most proud of the expert advice we have been able to provide our community as well as keeping them up to date with cryptocurrency news & announcements on a daily basis. Such results could not have been achieved on our own, and we are humble to admit that it is a credit to the members of our community who each are incredibly generous with their knowledge and look to help each other out on every corner.

We want to take this as an opportunity to list three of the biggest investments we have been able to provide our community over the course of this eventful year.

  1. Provided advice to mine Raven Coin, Loki, ETC and RYO throughout 2018, each of which had substantially higher returns than commercial recommendations listed by other sources.
  2. Hosted Loki Service Nodes at main net genesis block 1 achieving 28% ROI on yield and over 300% price gain in first 2 months.
  3. Advised and assisted the community to Mine Grin Genesis block, achieving results of 2 GRIN per day when it was priced at over $20 on a standard 8 Card RX570 GPU Rig.

Come join the family!

At the end of the day the MiningStore community was brought together to help each other capitilise on this forever evolving market and achieve as high return on investment as possible. By no coincidence MiningStore has truly become a family for our members who share much more than just their cryptocurrency experience. This is something that as founders of this community we are truly proud of.

We want to thank everyone around the globe for the contributions you have made to the MiningStore community, and we make a promise to you that we will continue to grow our community whilst keeping the same integrity and quality of service.

For those of you who are reading this article and are not engaged with a community so generous with their knowledge, we open our doors with welcome arms!

Click the link below to join our discord community, and message Will, Cal or Peter and we will integrate you with the members.

Knowledge is power! Come and learn about all things crypto with a group of flawless, talented and generous crypto fanatics.

Will and Cal – Founders of Miningstore.com.au

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