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18th DECEMBER 2019

Nugget’s News is pleased to announce an exciting partnership with Mining Store, the largest provider of cryptocurrency mining solutions in Australia.

Founded 2 years ago by seasoned bitcoin miners William Wright and Callum Cameron, MiningStore.com.au has fast become Australians’ go-to destination for all things cryptocurrency mining. Thinking of the Melbourne-based startup solely as a cryptocurrency mining vendor, however, radically undersells what they have to offer.

Indeed, on top of selling GPU, ASIC, and FPGA mining rigs to cryptocurrency mining enthusiasts, MiningStore.com.au offers a wealth of pre- and post-point-of-sale services. Whether it’s to do with rig customisation, configuration queries, maintenance advice, or expansion planning, MiningStore.com.au is able to handhold customers along every stage of their cryptocurrency mining journey.

Beyond cryptocurrency mining-specific services, MiningStore.com.au also offers educational trading packages, masternode hosting, and a two-tiered membership scheme for those wanting to leverage the shared knowledge of a community filled with cryptocurrency miners, traders, and enthusiasts.

“MiningStore.com.au was founded to bridge the gap for Australian investors looking to enter cryptocurrency mining to generate passive income. MiningStore.com.au recognises that Nugget’s News has the same values and integrity in their community as MiningStore.com.au has with their community. We wish to help supporters of Nugget’s News capitalise on this market. ” – William Wright (Co-Founder, MiningStore.com.au)

William Wright (Co-Founder, MiningStore.com.au)

Nugget’s News and MiningStore will collaborate on a new regular monthly mining segment—the first of which drops tonight which you can watch below. Each of these will be uploaded to the Nugget’s News YouTube channel and made available in audio format as a podcast episode.


“Partnering with MiningStore.com.au was a no-brainer for us,” commented Nugget’s News founder and chief executive Alex Saunders. “Both businesses—and their respective communities—embody cultures that value education above all else. That’s something we love seeing.”

Alex Saunders presenting at the Gold & Alternate Investments Conference (Sydney)
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