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First Republic, Major US Bank, on the Brink of Collapse

First Republic Faces Crisis as Shares Plunge and Deposits Withdrawn

First Republic, another major US bank, is experiencing a crisis, with its shares plummeting by 50% following nearly $150 billion in customer withdrawals, raising fears of a potential collapse.

First Republic, a major US bank outside building

Wall Street experienced a sharp decline on Tuesday, primarily attributed to the significant impact on First Republic Bank’s shares following an earnings report revealing a substantial loss of deposits, raising apprehensions about the overall stability of the financial sector.

Investors, wary after the failures of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank last month, closely monitored the performance of regional lenders amid fears of contagion. You can read about Silicon Valley Bank here and Signature Bank here.

First Republic shares plunged nearly 50% as of Wednesday (AEDT):

First republick stock chart

This decline contributed to the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropping by 1.0%, closing at 33,530.83, the S&P 500 experiencing a 1.6% decline and closing at 4,071.63, and the Nasdaq Composite Index, composed mainly of technology-related stocks, witnessing a significant 2.0% drop and closing at 11,799.16.

Despite First Republic Bank reporting quarterly profits of $269 million, its deposit level of $104.5 billion at the end of March overshadowed the positive earnings report, marking a nearly $72 billion drop from the previous year-end deposit level.

The sharp decline resulted in First Republic Bank losing over 90% of its value since the beginning of March. Additionally, the bank announced plans on Monday to reduce its staff by 20-25%.

Amid challenges faced by traditional banks related to liquidity and insolvency, Bitcoin has gained traction as an alternative investment. Despite stock market falls and movements in the U.S. Dollar Index, Bitcoin has remained resilient, even rising over $1,000 intraday to over $28,000/USD per coin. Bitcoin’s ability to withstand stock market and USD movements has led to increased confidence in it as an investment option, potentially driving its price further upwards.

BTC Chart from Miningstore AU

The notion that Bitcoin is a preferable investment option compared to banks has gained traction, and if Bitcoin can maintain its current levels and test previous highs, it could signal a significant upward trend for the cryptocurrency, potentially leading to further price appreciation.

While the market is still in a ‘bear market,’ caution is advised regarding bear market rallies. Other cryptocurrencies in the market are not experiencing notable surges, indicating a decrease in the possibility of an alt season. Bitcoin’s dominance has reached a 10-day high, increasing by 0.83% to 47.82%.

Mining Store Stock

The market is closely watching for the next interest rate hike in the coming weeks as Bitcoin continues to be unfazed by broader economic movements.



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