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Joe Biden and Kevin McCarthy achieve an ‘agreement in principle’

Joe Biden Strikes Deal with House Speaker to Address Debt Crisis

Joe Biden, in collaboration with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, has reached a preliminary agreement aimed at resolving the looming debt crisis while also implementing new federal spending restrictions. This critical deal seeks to raise the United States’ debt ceiling, currently capped at $31.4 trillion, amidst bipartisan concerns over the compromises that were necessary to forge this agreement. The potential fallout from both Democrats and Republicans highlights the contentious nature of the negotiations and the delicate balance of political interests involved.

Joe Biden with House Speaker Kevin McCarth in the White House

McCarthy states, “It has historic reductions in spending, consequential reforms, no new taxes, no new government programs, there’s a lot more within the bill.” The agreement represents a compromise, addressing concerns from both sides.

President Biden emphasizes the positive outcomes, averting a potential catastrophic default that could lead to an economic recession, damage to retirement accounts, and job losses.

The success of the deal depends on passing it through Congress before the Treasury Department exhausts funds to meet financial obligations. The Treasury Department warned of a potential default if the debt ceiling is not raised by June 5.

The prolonged deadlock over the debt ceiling has caused unease in financial markets, with Fitch Ratings placing the top-ranked US credit on a negative watch. Futures markets show optimism, but significant developments on Capitol Hill are needed for finalizing the deal.

Market updates:

The ES (S&P 500 futures):

SP 500 Chart

The NASDAQ (Futures):

The NASDAQ (Futures) Chart

Bitcoin (BTC):

Bitcoin (BTC) Chart

The market’s reaction will be interesting to watch, and attention is drawn to the CPI data release on June 13, 2023 (US time) and the prevailing FOMC meeting.

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