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ARB Airdrop Boosts Ethereum Layer-2 Arbitrum’s Expansion

Arbitrum’s ARB Airdrop: Record Growth & Engagement

According to CryptoNews and detailed in Nansen’s Q2 2023 Arbitrum Quarterly Report, the ARB airdrop on March 23, 2023, resulted in a peak in both user engagement and transaction volume. Subsequent to this airdrop, daily transactions and user counts consistently exceeded the historical averages of the network.

Arbitrum, a valued Ethereum rollup platform with assets totaling $5.77 billion, experienced substantial growth throughout the previous quarter. In Q2, Arbitrum continued its upward trajectory by improving its infrastructure and fostering ecosystem development.

Despite a “sell-the-news” reaction to the airdrop incentives, leading to a decline in the native token’s value and associated ecosystem projects, significant levels of activity persisted. Transactions and user counts continued to surpass levels seen before the airdrop, showcasing the platform’s enduring vitality and thriving ecosystem.

The influx of new users is a testament to Arbitrum’s enduring resilience and flourishing ecosystem, although a group of “super airdrop hunters” acquiring ARB tokens through multiple Ethereum addresses played a substantial role in the selling pressure.

Notably, the ARB token experienced significant sell-offs during the airdrop, resulting in a rapid drop in its price from $10.29 to $1 within a matter of hours.

Nansen’s report highlighted that post-airdrop, Arbitrum’s stability “points towards more organic activity,” with new user numbers even “surpassing Ethereum on certain days in Q2.”

In the second quarter of 2023, Arbitrum One, a pivotal component utilizing Rollup technology to enhance transaction speed while maintaining security, maintained a steady state. Daily transactions and gas prices on the platform averaged 800k transactions.

During this quarter, transaction counts consistently increased compared to the previous one, signifying heightened engagement post-airdrop. Throughout the quarter, active daily addresses on Arbitrum remained steady at about 200k.

Conversely, the count of new wallets initiating transactions on Arbitrum has gradually risen since the year’s beginning. On specific Q2 days, this tally exceeded Ethereum’s new wallet activity.

The disclosure of the Arbitrum (ARB) airdrop on March 16 triggered a notable surge in native tokens of ecosystem projects like GMX, MAGIC, GNS, and RDNT.

This surge, directly linked to the ARB airdrop, propelled ecosystem growth. The price surge mainly spanned from the announcement to the March 23 execution.

As stated in the report, “once the airdrop launched alongside the $ARB token introduction, ecosystem token prices began to decrease, following a typical ‘sell the news’ pattern.”

The ARB airdrop allocated 1.1% of the 12.75 billion ARB supply to ecosystem DAOs, pivotal for a positive outlook, as DAOs could utilize ARB incentives to drive usage.

However, individual project airdrop amounts were relatively modest within the Arbitrum ecosystem. Only GMX and MAGIC received allocations surpassing $10 million.

Most projects acquired less than $500,000 in ARB tokens, emphasizing the need to enhance incentives for liquidity across a broad user base.

Following the ARB airdrop’s speculation phase, the growing influx of new wallets implies augmented organic engagement.

Daily active users, transaction counts, and on-chain value all exceed pre-airdrop levels, indicating upward trends.

The increasing gas fee expenditure and the rise of new wallets also point to the expanding utilization of the network.

ARB has recovered 16% in token price since the recent Bitcoin flash crash.

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