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Elon Musk Explores Video Game Streaming in Development of X

Elon Musk Announces X’s Plans to Integrate with Xbox and PS5

During a live broadcast, Elon Musk mentioned that X (formerly known as Twitter) intends to integrate streaming services into Xbox and PS5 but has no intention of surpassing dedicated streaming platforms.

Elon Musk in an interview of TV show

X, formerly Twitter, has taken another step towards becoming an all-encompassing application, as Elon Musk recently experimented with video game streaming on the platform.

On October 6, Musk engaged in a 50-minute live stream, showcasing his gameplay of the popular online action role-playing game Diablo 4.

As it began, Musk explained the primary objectives, stating, “what we are aiming for here is that the audio sounds normal, the image looks reasonably good so it’s not flickering, and the comments are working.”

Although this feature is in its early developmental stages, the stream maintained consistent quality throughout, and Musk appeared satisfied with the progress made by the developers. He expressed, “It’s cool that it works at all.”

Towards the conclusion of the stream, Musk addressed some queries from his audience and elaborated on X’s aspirations, saying, “We will add in streaming for Xbox and PS5. You know we’re not trying to do everything better than every other app, but we wanna say that, okay, if you wanna do something within the X system or the X platform, you can do it if you want,” he said, adding:

“I think the very specialist apps are still gonna be probably better than us in a lot of ways, but you know, I think we can be the best generalist app. There’s some value to being a generalist app for, I guess, discovery and for interacting with the largest number of people in the world.”

However, Musk remained silent on the topic of integrating payments or cryptocurrencies into the streaming platform, such as for subscriptions or donations.

There appears to be a significant level of interest in this development.

As of the time of writing, the stream or “broadcast” has garnered 2.8 million viewers within just a few hours after its conclusion, while the tweet promoting the stream has accumulated a remarkable 9.3 million views and over 5,300 retweets.

After Twitter’s rebranding to X in July, Musk articulated that it was part of his strategy to create an “everything app” encompassing a diverse range of social media functionalities and supporting financial services, including cryptocurrency.

This strategic focus has led X to introduce the revenue-sharing model for X Premium subscribers, among other features, and has granted users the capability to directly post videos and content on the platform.

Down the line, could we eventually see crypto payments, even DOGE tipping integrated into the platform?


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