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Chainlink's CCIP protocol has been launched on Ethereum's layer 2 scaling solution, Arbitrum One, with the aim of facilitating the development of cross-chain decentralised applications (DApps).
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Australia's prominent bank, ANZ, is moving closer to widespread tokenised asset adoption. They recently conducted a successful test transaction in collaboration with the Web3 services platform, Chainlink.
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The US Securities and Exchange Commission has directed its attention towards a wide range of the cryptocurrency market by initiating a pair of lawsuits against exchanges that collectively represent half of the global digital asset trading.
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This week we cover: Bitcoin halving DeFi adoption Central Bank Digital Currencies Bitcoin’s privacy Ethereum 2.0 Facebook’s Libra project Safe haven and recession-proof status COBINHOOD SHUTS DOWN OR SHUTS FOR AUDIT NBA PLAYERS CONTRACT TOKENIZATION SUIT ON TETHER AND BITFINEX MANIPULATION EVERSTAKE AND CHAINLINK FEAR, GREED AND MENTALITY ARE YOU READY TO RUN WITH THE...
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