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The following video is an informative discussion hosted by the developers of Loki coin. The video provides viewers with a clear understanding of what the project aims to achieve and who is behind it.

This video is a great watch for anyone currently mining or interested in mining Loki coin.

Please refer to the table of contents below:

Why is Loki necessary? 1:17

How Loki is built? 3:55

Explanation of SNapps. 6:29

Loki team overview 9:26

How does the network handle a large amount of messages? 10:40

How are messages stored off chain? 12:00

If I know your public key, will I be able to access your messages? 13:58

What if I create a bot that creates an unlimited amount of public keys? 14:30

What algorithm are you using for POW? 15:10

Are there size limitations to messages you can send? 16:06

When is the main net available for people to start mining? 16:50

Is the messenger text only or can you can file attachments also? 17:20

Is there an option to pay additional to have messages stored over 24 hours? 17:40

Will users choose which nodes they send to or is it random? 18:15

If sending to random nodes, how would storing messages past 24 hours work? 18:30

Why is it called Loki and is it related to the advisors? 20:00

If someone is running a server node, how does the wallet achieve anonymity? 20:40

Block size? 21:52

What would the cost to send a message be in Austrailian dollars? 22:50

What would a rune cost to buy? 23:02

Can you explained hybrid Proof-of-Work/Proof-of-Service? 24:05

How would proof of space be implemented? 24:35

How many people can use a rune? 25:20

Is group chat possible? 25:58

How quick would message delivery be in the system? 27:40

How does the Governance system work? 28:18

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