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Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade Is Officially Live!

Ethereum Shanghai Update Goes Live: A Milestone for Staked Withdrawals

The highly anticipated Ethereum Shanghai update has been successfully launched, drawing considerable attention from the cryptocurrency community. The update, allowing the withdrawal of previously staked Ethereum, went live on Thursday (Australian time).

Ethereum Shanghai logo

While there are short-term concerns about its potential impact on the price, the implementation represents a significant technological advancement for the Ethereum Network.

The new feature enables the transfer of previously staked ETH to execution layer accounts, resolving the staking liquidity issue. Users can now freely stake their ETH as the lock-up period has concluded.

Simultaneously, the Capella update for the Beacon Chain has been rolled out, a prerequisite for the Shanghai Update. Both updates together have facilitated the deployment of the new withdrawal feature.

Ethereum states that the staking withdrawal process eliminates the need for users to submit withdrawal requests for a specific amount of ETH, eliminating transaction fees as withdrawals don’t compete for block space in the execution layer.

The network specifies a maximum of 16 withdrawals per block and up to 115,200 validator withdrawals daily. With these limits, the network estimates 400,000 withdrawals would take 3.5 days, and 800,000 withdrawals would take 7 days.

Market response to the upgrade has been positive, with significant amounts being withdrawn:

Processed Beacon Chain Withdrawals chart

Contrary to expectations of a “buy the rumour, sell the news” event, the market has shown positive reactions so far.

According to CryptoQuant, around 10.3 million ETH, 60% of the staked ETH supply, is currently at a loss. Lido DAO, the largest Ethereum staking provider, holds 30% of all staked ETH at an average loss of $1,000.

Though selling pressure typically arises with significant profits, the current staked ETH situation differs. A strategy to consider for those at a loss is opening a hedge short position at a better price through margin trading and invalidation to mitigate losses.

For now, ETH has experienced up to a 4.37% gain overnight:


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