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Worldcoin, OpenAI’s Sister Company, What is it About?

Worldcoin’s Ambitious Goal: Ensuring Fair Wealth Distribution

Worldcoin, a biometrics proof-of-human concept co-founded by Sam Altman, has generated significant attention and controversy for its ambitious goals, capturing the enthusiasm of many but also raising concerns within the crypto community. The project aims to provide a proof of unique personhood to distinguish real individuals from deep-fake bots, intending to create a fairer distribution of wealth generated by AI.

Worldcoin product and globe

However, Worldcoin’s launch on Optimism has sparked worries about potential centralization, especially as over 2 million individuals have enrolled, sharing their biometric data for a reward of 25 WLD tokens. This move raises privacy concerns, creates security risks, and could infringe upon the sovereignty of foreign nations.

Critics highlight issues such as privacy violations, security breaches, and the potential for surveillance and threats to sovereignty. Entrusting a single, centralized company with sensitive biometric data introduces risks of exploitation, cyberattacks, and misuse by governments.

Despite Worldcoin’s claim to protect privacy, the concentration of biometric data raises concerns about tracking, monitoring, and commercial exploitation. The project’s focus on a centralised approach contradicts the principles of decentralization championed by Web3.

Worldcoin’s rapid sign-up rate for iris scanning has triggered significant discontent, with some likening the project to a Big Brother-like entity. The potential for undue influence over governments and societies, coupled with concerns about identity reduction to a mere classification in a biometric database, adds to the unease.

While the project’s founders envision Worldcoin enhancing economic prospects and supporting AI-driven universal basic income, its launch resulted in a sharp increase in token value followed by declines. Critics argue that the project’s tokenomics and limited circulating supply contribute to its perception as a hyped-up money grab.

Despite the controversy, Worldcoin has brought attention to the need for proof of humanity in the Web3/AI era. The debate prompts consideration of alternative models, such as decentralised identity (DID) initiatives, to address the validation of authentic humanity.

As of now, Worldcoin (WLD) trades around $2.2861/USD, showcasing the speculative excitement surrounding the project but also highlighting the potential risks and consequences.


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