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PayPal Partners With Independent Reserve Amid Bank Pushback

PayPal has entered into a strategic alliance with Independent Reserve, as disclosed by Adrian Przelozny, the CEO of the Australian cryptocurrency exchange. This partnership aims to counter the constraints imposed by traditional banks on cryptocurrency transactions in Australia.

Paypal and Independent Reserve logo

Through this collaboration, Independent Reserve has introduced a seamless on-ramp feature that allows customers to fund their crypto accounts directly using fiat from their PayPal wallets and to withdraw funds back to PayPal, enhancing user convenience and financial flexibility.

Highlighting that this partnership not only provides Australian crypto investors with increased choices but also safeguards against potential risks if other banks follow suit in restricting the industry, Adrian Przelozny is optimistic about the collaboration.

Several major Australian banks, including Bendigo Bank, Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank (NAB), Westpac, and ANZ, have recently implemented various constraints and bans on crypto-related transactions. Commonwealth Bank, in particular, has imposed a $10,000 monthly limit on deposits to crypto exchanges.

Adrian Przelozny commended PayPal for approaching the crypto sector positively, in contrast to most banks that perceive it solely as a risk. He praised PayPal for embracing the opportunities in the crypto industry, stating, “It’s really good to see a company like PayPal go against the grain and see the opportunity in the crypto industry — as opposed to what all the other banks are doing which views the industry solely as a risk.”

He added, “It’s a glass half empty versus a glass half full approach.”

The CEO revealed that the partnership allows up to $5,000 in daily deposits via PayPal or credit card, a significantly more lenient limit than those enforced by major banks.

Paypal app logo in phone with bitcoin

Peter Cowan,Australia’s Managing Director, expressed optimism about the collaboration, stating that it will simplify the process of moving funds to and from digital asset exchanges for Australian crypto investors. Cowan also emphasized PayPal’s belief in the future of digital currencies, seeing them as a driving force for innovation in financial technology.

“By integrating PayPal wallet for deposits and the PayPal platform for card processing, Independent Reserve and Bitcoin.com.au are making cryptocurrency easier for investors to access, while withdrawals to the PayPal wallet can take place in real time.”

“At PayPal, we believe that money will become digital — it’s a matter of when, not if. Digital currencies have the potential to drive innovation in financial technology and, as a flow on, to improve economic opportunities and financial inclusion.”

Notably, on August 7, PayPal unveiled its own stablecoin, PYUSD, further indicating the company’s commitment to the world of digital currencies.

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