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weekly rundown
16th January 2020 Before we dive into this weeks Weekly Rundown, I’d like to take the time to announce that our regular author, Julian Carruthers, has decided that today will be his last weekly publishment. The team at Mining Store are forever grateful for his contributions to all 26 of our Weekly Rundown’s & wish...
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6th NOVEMBER 2019 KEISER ON GOLD BACKED CHINESE CRYPTO Kitco news had a Halloween special this week with the always animated Bitcoin bull, Max Keiser. Keiser’s biggest claim was that: “[China] is rolling out a cryptocurrency, a lot of the details have not been divulged. I can tell you that the cryptocurrency that China’s rolling...
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15th OCTOBER 2019 VITALIK STRIVING FOR MOST SECURE CHAIN This week, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin made a bold statement at Devcon 5 that after Ethereum transitions to Proof of Stake (PoS) “…the cost of a potential attack would make Ethereum the safer network of the two”, with bitcoin being the other. The switch from the...
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8th OCTOBER 2019 BITCOIN OUTPERFORMS … EVERYTHING The proof is in the numbers. Bitcoin is currently 2019’s best performing asset, even after the recent pullback to $8.2K USD from the high just shy of $13K USD achieved in June. Goldman Sachs deems Bitcoin “the best performing asset class of the year-to-date …(where)… prices have more...
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1st OCTOBER 2019 RESERVE BANK OF AUSTRALIA (RBA) CUTS INTEREST RATES TO HISTORIC LOW  The official interest rate has been cut yet again by the RBA to a new record low of 0.75%. The cut of 0.25% follows similar an earlier cut in July. RBA Governor Philip Lowe highlighted the following points in his post-meeting...
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24th SEPTEMBER 2019 HASHING IT OUT On 18th September, Blockchain.com reported Bitcoin’s network hashrate hit a record-breaking high of 102 quintillion hashes for the first time ever. Canadian crypto researcher and well-known analyst Kevin Rooke commented that, “Difficulty is projected to grow 60% this quarter, and it was already at an all-time high when Q2...
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3rd SEPTEMBER 2019 ARE YOU READY TO RUN WITH THE BULLS? The crypto market has been pretty light on the news this week which gives us a chance to reflect on the last bull run in 2017. Make sure you take time to consider your personal goals and profit points for the next run and...
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27 AUGUST 2019 NO VACANCY ON THE ETHEREUM BLOCKCHAIN Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum has said that the Ethereum blockchain is almost full and that its scalability is a big bottleneck. He stated that: “If you’re a bigger organization, the calculus is that if we join, it will not only be more full but...
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20 AUGUST 2019 GUESS WHOS BAKKT, BAKKT AGAIN Partnering with ICE Futures US and ICE Clear US, Bakkt have finally been cleared for launch by the CFTC. On September 23rd this year, Bakkt will bring the investment community a custodially held and physically settled platform which could in turn act as a significant catalyst for...
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9 AUGUST 2019 FEDERAL RESERVE BUILDING ON BLOCKCHAIN? The US Federal Reserve Board has announced it will create a service called FedNowSM, a payment network “…intended to advance public policy goals for faster payments and to help support the modernization of the nation’s payment capabilities”. While the announcement doesn’t specifically reference partners or blockchain, they...
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